Birth of a new idea – after being sacked from the office

Today is October 17th, 2017, exactly 40 days after I was sacked/ fired from the office.

To tell you the truth, to be demoted from an associate editor’s position to absolutely useless isn’t a great feeling. It is not good for health, brain, resume, social status, self-esteem (whatever is left) and even amongst friends. In short, it is really bad. But, I saw the fatal day coming, right on my face – galloping. In fact, most of my colleagues from the editorial team were fired in the months of June and July. So, the obvious person left on the frontline, ready to take the bye-bye bullet on the chest was me.

Well, it might sound hilarious, but I used to see our HR and the Editor in my dreams, standing right next to each other like Mr & Mrs Smith cover-posture, with loaded automatic guns in their hands and seconds away from pulling the trigger. And because I used to see them very often in my dream, at times, I used to struggle with the facts. Like, I wasn’t sure who starred in the movie and I kept forgetting that the duo in my dreams was no one but the ugliest version of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.


But despite all the elements revealing the sign ‘it’s coming’, I wasn’t prepared. I said to myself, why even fight! Let the ugly fate come and I will dexterously show how I can reverse a malignant event into something heaven-like. And here I am, about few nine hundred trillion miles away from heaven – even further than Alpha Centauri and Procyon.

However, to tell you the truth, I don’t feel wasted – except when well-wishers bombard my phone with the question, ‘any luck with your job? But, what are well-wishers for? I think they are there to nagging-ly remind you of those things you’re trying to escape from.  At least in my case, there are there to provoke thoughts into my head and drown me in the worry of who will sign my next paycheck. But, here is the good side of them! Because they are excruciatingly cheap, they use nothing but WhatsApp Messenger – availing free service – to communicate with me. So, I decided to shoo them off by changing my status to ‘persistently on the lookout’. I even changed the displayed picture, which now reads, ‘jobless mind at work’. Well, it worked on some but also aggravated a few. Maybe they are (really) worried about me or simply enjoying schadenfreude moments – I won’t judge them for now.

shutterstock344865374_srcset-largeNow, what is that I do that makes me feel accomplished? I can swear, without YouTube, my days would be dangerously suicidal. In fact, my personal relationship with YouTube has been quite melodramatic. It made me experience all sorts of emotions. At times, I would even plot to adopt a baby, become an astronaut, a farmer, a designer, reviewer, author, singer, dancer… and goes on. Also, I caught up with all the movies released in 2017. Well, I even learned a few lines from recent Nicki Minaj’s overrated songs/ raps; my favorite is ‘You shoulda left, the other day. You let me beg, for you to stay. This is a sickening joke that you play with my emotions. And so I pray you burn in hell and you never find the ocean.’ I even learned that Taylor Swift already broke up with Tom Hiddleston, her 989th boyfriend and she has already written a song about it and the song has almost one billion views. So much has happened while I was busy writing and editing business articles! So, do you think I have been useless???

But, guess what happened today! I decided to do something very unusual and opened Google Earth. Lord, the earth looks mesmerizing. Have you ever thought that for laymen, Google Earth is perhaps the only means to get an aerial view of the planet? I also found out that the earth looks far prettier – at least from where I live. In fact, if I told an alien that the earth is filled with racism, genocide, hostility, animosity, bitterness, terrorism, etc., chances are, it won’t believe me. And, I must admit that I shed a few tears – because of all the people on this beautiful massive planet, it is I who do not have a job.

anIdea.jpgAnd this is what changed my mind – probably for the rest of my life. I decided to close my eyes and scroll the mouse, and wherever the cursor lands, I would read up about that place. And guess which place the cursor was pointing at – Malta. I mean, of all the places? Where is that even located – what kind of people live there – what do they eat – who are they – what kind of government do they have – what’s the size of the country. Questions are raining in my head and I can smell knowledge even in the air.


I will read up articles and watch documentaries about the little paradise, Malta, and bring to you the sum in detail – very soon – and many more destinations.

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